G-TRUCK – a network of auto shops selling quality parts for European trucks and trailers. The network sells spare parts from European manufacturing plants that supply products to the conveyors of automobile plants.

G-TRUCK is one of the projects implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation by GROUPAUTO International - the union of independent distributors of spare parts for cars and trucks, services in the field of after-sales service of cars. Develops international projects: EUROGARAGE (passenger segment), G-TRUCK and TOP TRUCK (cargo segment). GROUPAUTO Russia – is the representative office of GROUPAUTO International in Russia. Thanks to integration into the international distribution structure, G-TRUCK uses a successful European experience in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The network is developing dynamically, G-TRUCK stores are located on the territory of our country from Belgorod to Vladivostok.

The project is developing together with the network of services for European commercial transport TOP TRUCK.

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