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«CAREFUL SERVICE» is the GROUPAUTO Russia project for the organization of a network of independent service stations, created on the basis of effective foreign technologies for the sale of car repair and maintenance services. Now, on principles similar to the principles of the «CAREFUL SERVICE» network, thousands of profitable stations operate throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the United States and Latin America.

Garage project, based on the general methodology for the development of network projects GA International, is being implemented in Russia GA Russia under the brand «EVERYCAR».

The concept of the «EVERYCAR» project is the formation and development of the market of services for independent car-care centers, united by unified network standards for quality car owner's services, ensuring the commercial benefit of our partners - Preferred Suppliers and Service, actively promoting the products and services produced by them.

We consider our tasks:

  • the formation of a fair opinion among end users about the advantages of using Preferred Suppliers as alternatives to OE, competitive brands and products of obviously inferior quality in order to increase sales;
  • Increase of the technical level of the training of the workshop specialists and training in ways to increase the sales of workshop services and spare parts;
  • providing, through unified software and unified logistics, the possibility of acquiring a wide range of spare parts and equipment supplied by the participants of GA Russia, where priority is given to Preferred Suppliers;
  • provision of the STOA with the necessary technical information, obtained both at seminars conducted by EURECAR, and in the form of print and media products.

The mechanism for solving the problems consists in the formation of a client-driven flow of car owners oriented towards the use of spare parts from the GA Russia matrix and its concentration on the workshop of the network according to the chosen strategy:


  • formation of a brand-oriented customer flow-the consumers of spare parts and services of the workshop;
  • carrying out of constantly operating advertising-marketing actions together with PreferredSuppliers;
  • introduction of standards for the network of car owners and their vehicles;
  • The introduction of the Quality Control Department of the provided services and spare parts.


  • with a plan for regional development of the distribution network of the Group in terms of the availability of the STOA network participants;
  • with the plan of development of the marketing program of the Group in terms of technical and commercial training of the workshop;
  • formation in the regions of LDC on the basis of the members of the Group (its partners).


  • The interaction of the workshop and the group members in terms of ensuring the supply of spare parts, based on the quantity provided by the commodity matrix;
  • Ensuring the receipt of current statistical information, including through specialized software based on the principle of "Customer Relationship Management (CRM)."

«EVERYCAR» network development:

The development of the network implies a quantitative increase in the number of points of purchase of Preferred Suppliers, thereby ensuring a stable growth in the consumption of Preferred Suppliers spare parts.

Заботливый сервис